Our Holiday 2014 Windows

November 5, 2014

Our stores have played host to a menagerie of critters over the years, but none quite so festive as our new feathered friends. And, much like us, they’ve been readying their roosts for all manner of merriment. “Even our tiniest gold finches have grand plans,” says Erika L, our display director and all-around holiday magic-maker. “There are loved ones coming to visit, carols to be sung, and, of course, snuggling together through cold winter storms.” They are busy little (and big!) birdies, indeed, but you can catch them soaring to and fro in all our windows—along with their fantastically decorated holiday nests—as a reminder that this time of year, coming home is as splendid as it gets.

P.S. if you snap a photo of the flock at your local Anthropologie, post and share it on Instagram with the tag #AnthroWindows.


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