By the Chimney with Care: Staffers’ Stocking Stories

December 19, 2014

When it comes to Christmas morning, there’s only one right way to do thingsopen stockings first and then move on to what’s under the tree. Or is it tree first, then breakfast, then stockings, to stretch out the joy of unwrapping for as long as humanly possible? You get the pictureeveryone has their own right way of doing things come Christmas morning. In the spirit of holiday quirks, we asked some of our Home Office colleagues to tell us their most memorable stocking moments. From sweets to sentimental treasures to things a bit, um, unexpected, there are no two ways about it: stuffed-to-the-cuff stockings are a true holiday delight.


Tram Pham, Print Art Director

One year, we bought our nieces and nephews a ten-pack of fake mustaches. We had no idea they would be such a huge hit; our entire family, young and old, lovedthem. All of a sudden, the cameras came out and people were posing, acting and laughing. Everyone’s personality instantly changes when they wear a mustache.”‚

Dana Dubiny Dore, Display Projects Manager

“The best stocking I’ve ever received was from my husband. In 2012, I was a few months pregnant with our daughter, Emmeline. The stocking was filled with my favorite sweets, fine teas (decaf of course), a gift certificate for a prenatal massage, pregnancy-related salves and sweet little rattle for our baby on the way. I was so impressed with the amount of thought he put into it, and it was also the first gift I received for the baby. Having that little rattle in my hand made the whole pregnancy very real.”‚

Susy Korb, Chief Marketing Officer

“When I was four, my parents hung up a pair of my black tights instead of a regular stockingI guess they were busy. ‚ When I saw them, I thought Santa had given me coal and started to cry.

Mel Machamer, Book Buyer‚

The first Christmas I spent with my in-laws to be, I had a stocking hanging alongside every other ˜official’ family member. When mine was passed to me, I wondered why it was so heavy. After sorting through the lip balm, scratch off lotto tickets and other trinkets, I found a very feminine, miniature German police pistolthe kind that James Bond heroines carriedsnug in the stocking toe! Target shooting lessons were an implied stocking stuffer that year, too.”‚

Monica Weymouth, Product Copywriter

“I still get a stocking from Santa, despite being 29. Inside is body wash, ponytail holders, Reese’s Cups, a fresh can of pepper spray that I will never open and a card that, suspiciously, seems to be in my mom’s handwriting.

Dave Mallon,‚
Senior Web Producer

Every year my sister and I got a new ornament in our stockings, fully wrapped. When I was five and my sister was eight, we were getting ready to open our ornaments and my sister started screaming that she wanted mine because I always got ‘the better one.’ So we exchanged before opening them, she tore into hers and immediately got this look of disappointment on her face. It was a boring, flat wooden whale. Meanwhile, I opened her would-be ornament and it was this sweet plastic mailbox with a moving flag and bright colors. My sister was upset that whole Christmas, but I still enjoy the ornament to this day. It’s a symbol that no matter how hard my sister tries to pull one over on me, it just won’t happen.

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