Have you Heard? Top Tunes of 2014

January 5, 2015

If you’ve ever visited an Anthropologie store, you’re likely familiar with the work of Katie S., our in-house music-coordinatorthe wizard behind the sonic curtain, if you will. So enamored are we of the master mood-setter’s pitch-perfect playlists that we’ve asked her to share her favorite songs of the past year, from dance-party ditties to subtle swayers, from folky rockers to dreamy ballads. From our speakers to yours, happy listening!


Head Underwaterby Jenny Lewis
This talented artist has wit, honesty and playfulness. I love her complete sound and vigor.

Mother & Father‚ by‚ Broods
This song is hypnotic. Watch the music video and you’ll want to dance around the room like the lead vocalist, Georgia. This rising brother-sister duo released an amazing debut this year.

Crazy‚ by‚ Sucre
A song full of angelic vocals and gorgeous instrumentals. Symphonic sounds are this‚ dazzling‚ EP’s backbone.

Dearly Departed‚ by‚ Shakey Graves
A collaboration of two artists with spectacular voices! The rest of this one-man-band album has a great folk-indie soundit’s about as country as I get.

Hard To Hold‚ by‚ RAC featuring Tegan and Sara
It’s got fun beats, which is great for Anthropologie stores or when you need some high-energy musicadd it to your cleaning-the-house playlist!

Mess Is Mine‚ by Vance Joy
A song filled with rising and falling melody and wonderful emotion.”‚

My Silver Lining‚ by‚ First Aid Kit
“A country-folk song with fabulous instrumentals. This track kicks off yet another spectacular album from these brilliant sisters.

Stay Awhile‚ by‚ She & Him
A quintessential Anthropologie band and a personal favorite as well! If She & Him comes to your town, you must see them live. Zooey Deschanel’s voice is even more impressive in person.

Heart‚ by‚ Haerts
My 2014 dance album. Haerts sounds reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, but modernizedwonderfully dynamic and energizing.

Girls Chase Boys‚ by‚ Ingrid Michaelson
This is song is just so fun! I love Ingrid’s clever wordplay and toe-tapping melodies.

Call Me‚ by‚ St. Paul & The Broken Bones
This is a great representation of the neo-soul sound. ‚ I’ll put this on for any sort of entertaining because it meshes well with most events.

Missing You‚ by Betty Who
One of the quieter songs from this talented young Australian. The rest of the album is super dance-y and I can listen to it on repeat. And talk about a performance! Betty is mesmerizing.

Gunshot‚ by‚ Lykke Li
This song has a heavy electro-dance vibe, but I love Lykke Li’s music for her cavernous vocals and amazing, rhythmic tempos.

Down‚ by‚ The Kooks
My favorite track on a catchy new album from quite a seasoned band. I don’t usually love Britpop, but this album is super fun to throw on.

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