Aquarius Stylescope

January 20, 2015

imageOh, if only we could all be Aquarians. At once inventive yet analytical, adventure-loving yet practical, water-bearers are as well rounded as they come. You’re a true renaissance womanmulti-talented and naturally skilled in just about everything. With that in mind, we’ve selected seven birthday-month essentials that are just as diverse and lovely as you.


01: Everyone knows that you prefer your basics with a side of bold, which is why thisblack-and-white numberwith ribbon-pop trim is sure to catch your eye (and many others, we might add).

02: It may be cold, it may be icy, but a part of you always longs to be outside no matter the weather. This chunkyquartz ringensures that the nature is always, ahem, close at hand.

03: Speaking of that chill in the air, perhaps this is the year that you finally pack your bags and celebrate your special day near white sands and blue waters? Thesesturdy leathersandals slip easily into your suitcase and are infinitely practical for whatever tropical paradise you find yourself in.


04: Although you tend to be a gal-on-the-go, when you do pop by your home base, you like to surround yourself withdécorthat’s both colorful and sophisticated.

05: It wouldn’t be an Aquarian’s home if every room didn’t have at least one bit of unexpected whimsy, like thispapier-mƒ¢ché‚ giraffe‚ crafted of repurposed cement bags and vintage French book pages.


06: A love of all things leafy combined with an impeccable visual aesthetic make you a fabulous gardener. While you wait for the next planting season to begin, give your green thumb a workout by creating atabletop oasis.

07: Cooking typically isn’t on your list of favorite pastimes (although you’re quite skilled at it, of course), but you can’t resist a good travel talethis bookabout a family touring the world in search of fresh vegetarian eats may just bring out your inner chef.‚

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