Bridesmaids + Color

January 28, 2015

“I’m having a hard time finding bridesmaid dresses!”
We hear this from anxious brides every week—and we totally get it: Choosing dresses for others is intimidating! Thankfully, these brides’ worries vanish after a peek at our bridesmaid dresses. You see, we create each one with three questions in mind: Is it special? Can you wear it again? Does it flatter most body types? Once it’s perfect, we choose its color. This season, they range from creamy neutrals to silver-grey and rich jewel tones, each color inspired by everyday things we find to be beautiful: a single feather, beach pebbles, vintage flatware, French treats (macaroons!), a stack of drawing pencils, Grandma’s teacup, and the list goes on…

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