Make It Happen: Origami Lovebirds DIY

February 2, 2015

Our visual communication manager Kayte is a whiz when it comes to paper projects. One might even say she
wrote the book on it. So we knew she was just the gal to guide us through our most heartfelt DIY yet. Take it away, Kayte!
When was the last time you gave a handmade valentine? If you were still wearing pigtails and knee socks, it’s been a little too longthe joy of making, giving and receiving valentines is a tradition that should far outlast grade school! So why not fold up a fine flock of origami lovebirds? Whether as a love note for your sweetie, a wink for your favorite barista or a sweet tweet for your office mate, you’ll be sure to make a special someone as happy as a lark this February 14th. No need to wing it: here’s how to crease, bend, flip and fold an origami avian.WHAT YOU’LL NEEDAssorted origami paper


Pens or pencils



01 Place your origami paper wrong side up in front of you. Fold in half diagonally. Open the paper.

02 Fold the left and right points in to meet the center crease to make a kite shape. Flip over paper.


03 Fold the top point down to make a triangle. Flip over the paper again.

04 Fold the top left and top right points into the center crease to make a diamond shape.

05 Open the folds up again. These folds are guides for the next step.

06 Reverse the folds you made in step 4 and flatten down the points as shown.


07 Fold the left and right points of the form up a bit. These are the bird’s feet.

08 Fold the entire form in half. You’ll start to see the bird take shape!

09 Fold the top fold down a bit to make the bird beak. Then reverse this fold.

10 To make the tail feathers, make two folds in the tail end of the bird shape.


11 Using the two folds you made, pop one fold under the other.
12 Fold a new piece of paper in half and cut out half a heart shape. Open that up and write your love note.

13 Cut a small slit at the top of the heart on the crease.

14 Tuck your note into the folds of the origami bird on both sides to make wings.

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