Pisces Stylescope

February 19, 2015

imageCan you feel the love, Pisces? We hope so, because you’re adored by just about everyone, including us. With your wild imagination, inherent gentleness and undying devotion to those you care about, you’re our top pick for New Best Friend. And since we are, henceforth, kindred spirits, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to choose nine birthday must-haves that will keep your boundless creativity flowing all month long. Feel free to thank us by sending one half of a best friend charm our way!


01: Pisces are nothing if not sentimentalthis vintage-inspired skirt recalls the romance of lost loves and sweet springs gone by.

02: You silvery Fishes never like to be confined as you swim through the waters of life, which is why you’ll find that this slouchy sweater suits your free-flowing lifestyle.

03: When you get an idea in your head, you’re pretty much unstoppable. A stylish, yet comfortable, pair of sandals to go wherever your whims may lead you is a must.


04: For you, scents are links to cherished memories. Use a tester kit to trigger some of your bestcitrus for your vacation on Corfu, rose for summers in grandmother’s flower garden¦

05: A Pisces has never been known to turn down a birthday dance party, which naturally requires dangly earrings that swish and sway right along with you.


06: Curating and collecting is your specialtyeach plate, bowl and mug added to your china cabinet has the look and feel of a family heirloom.

07: While a Pisces’ home is beautiful, it always looks thoroughly lived-inpillows, throws and other decorative accents are brimming with lush texture and rich color.


08: Even the most creative gal needs some inspiration from time to time, and this fashion-focused mag will not disappoint.

09: To be loved by a Pisces is a great gift. After all, you live to make others feel cherished and appreciated. Your secret weapon? A handwritten note of affection.

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