Neatniks, Rejoice!: The Complete Spring Cleaning Guide

February 26, 2015

Have you heard the news, dear reader? Spring is just around the bend (really!) and with it, the chance to hit refresh and begin anew. The ground will thaw, gardens will seed and that house of yours, well, it’s time to get it clean. After all, this is the optimist’s season and a freshly scrubbed house is a harbinger of good things to come. To ease the annual rite of passage anddare we say it?make it sort of fun, we’re using nifty tricks courtesy of our favorite bloggers, editors and all-around titans of tidy. Read on, and get to it!


Go green before you clean with this easy-peasy DIY household cleaner.
(Design*Sponge)Vodka, neat: this cocktail accoutrement also makes for a handy mattress spritz.
(Oprah)No use crying over a toppled tipple. Follow these hard-&-fast
rules for removing red wine stains.
(Apartment Therapy)Counter moves: the most-used surfaces in your kitchen deserve a good cleaning.
(Better Homes & Gardens)Before you toss that used dryer sheet, give your shower a wipe-down.
(Apartment Therapy)

Water rings on wood furniture are bad news. The good news?
They’re easy to fix with a hair dryer and a bit of mayo.
(New York Times)



Is it just us, or is cleaning more fun with some dance tunes?
(Apartment Therapy)Safety first, friends! Don’t forget to check the batteries in your
smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
(Martha Stewart)Make room in your medicine cabinet by learning what products to toss, and when.
(Apartment Therapy)

Tidy in ten: get ready for the morning, while getting ready for bed.
(The Glitter Guide)If you’re anything like us, you have more clothes than you can wear.
Make space in your closet by donating older items.
(Apartment Therapy)


New paint on the walls? Delightful! New paint on the floors?
Not so much. Luckily, keeping color in the can is a snap.
(Martha Stewart)Bring spring indoors with a DIY herb garden in pretty little pots (hel-lo mint juleps!).
(Sweet Paul)Moving furniture to get those hard-to-reach spots is a must for a thorough clean.
While you’re at it, why not do a little rearranging?
(Apartment Therapy)Show off your spruced-up space from every angle with a few well-placed mirrors.
(Elle Décor)We’re a little hung-up on this genius trick that gives
us easy access to our favorite cooking gear.
(Martha Stewart)Equal parts beautiful and functional, storage trays help clear clutter in every room.
(Apartment Therapy)The busy gal’s redecorating go-to? An accent wall.
(Better Homes & Gardens)Say so long to that down comforter. Switch out your
winter bedding for something that says Å“spring.

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