Make It Happen: Let’s Go DIY a Kite!

March 26, 2015


In our humble opinion, a kite in flight is as emblematic of the spring season as the first blooming crocus or chirping songbird. But don’t hit up the five-and-dime in search of a common kiteafter all, why buy when you can DIY? Inspired by our April Lookbook, and in honor of Earth Day, another venerable spring tradition, we fashioned a flock of fetching fliers from recycled Anthropologie packaging. Whip up a few for a blustery afternoon or hang them on the wall as décor for your next shindig.


WHAT YOU’LL NEEDRecycled materials (we used Anthropologie mailers, tissue and shopping bags)

Scissors or craft knife



¼-inch thick wood dowels, cut to desired size


Hole punch

Decoration for your kite (we used paint, gold leaf and colored tissue squares)


HOW TO MAKE IT 1. Cut the right and bottom sides of the mailer.

2. Fold in half.

3. As shown in the photo, use a ruler to draw a diagonal line, then cut away the excess. Open up for the kite body.

4. Place your dowels in a cross shape and use string to fasten and knot together at the center of the cross. Cut off the excess string.

5. Punch holes at all four corners and insert the ends of the dowels into the holes.

6. Add a tail! We used the handles of one of our shopping bags.

7. Decorate as desired.

8. Follow the same directions to make a kite from tissue or shopping bags.


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