Earth Day, Our Way: Recycled Rainforest Windows

April 8, 2015

Each April we take up an Earth Day cause, spending the month (and beyond), spreading the word about a matter affecting our environment. This year’s focus, rainforests, happens to be especially near and dear to our hearts. Their alarming, worldwide decline grabbed the attention of our display director, Erika, during her travels and, well, we’ll let her tell the rest of the story. Flip through to get the scoop on this vital issue, and on the inspiration and creation of our leafy and lovely Earth Day store windows.

If you snap a photo of your local Anthropologie windows, post and share it on Instagram with the tag #AnthroEarthDay.

Featuring windows from our
stores in Hoboken and Montclair, New Jersey and
Corte Madera, California.


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