A Mother’s Day In The Life: Shalice Noel

April 23, 2015
The Mona Dress, Farylrobin Valerie Booties and Sunshine State Crossbody Bag

When we first met Shalice Noel, we were agog at her ability to wrangle a small fleet of children (she has four!)and to do it all in heels. But she’s just practicing what she preaches: the credo of this mom-on-the-go is that to look good, one should feel good in whatever it is she chooses to wear. Read on for more of pearls of wisdom (but not too manyshe likes to keep her accessories simple) from this big-city stylist and blogger, including finding her ideal dress up/dress down balance, her go-to tip for taking a great pic and her ideal Mother’s Day.

The Lilith Buttondown and McGuire Majorelle Jeans

Has your style changed since having kids? How so?

It’s simpler. I go with fewer accessories and jewelry and wear a lot of true-blue basics, because I’m always short on time!

Is there something you swore you’d never wear as a mom that has gone out the window?

I swore I’d never wear yoga pants all day, but some days just demand it. I don’t do it too often though; getting dressed is therapeutic creative expression for me, but I still have my casual days!

The Cross Front Cowl Top, Ruffle Seamed Crops, Sawtooth Ball Cap and Gweneth Yoga Mat and Bag

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re on the go?

It depends on what mood I’m in, but usually a dress or jeans and heels. I always say: you look your best in what you feel like wearing.

What is your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day?

Going out to eat so I don’t have to cook, spending time outdoors and hanging out by the lake. But my favorite thing by far is having no agenda for the day and spending it however I want.

The Springwind Cropped Lace Top, Farylrobin Valerie Booties and Sunshine State Crossbody Bag

Did you have any traditions with your mother that you now share with your kids?

Making and exchanging cards. I love the handmade ones now more now than ever.

Will you share your some of your best tips for always looking photo ready?

Keep smiling! And add a bold lipthat stands out when you’re wrangling your kids and your hair is all over the place! And sometimes that perfect shot happens when you least expect it, so you just need to keep snapping!

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