A Mother’s Day In The Life: Taylor Morgan

April 23, 2015

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What a difference a year has made for blogger Taylor Morgan. Come May 10th, she’ll be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day with her daughter Madelyn! To see how this new mom has gotten the hang of this whole motherhood thing, we asked her if we could tag along on a day of fun with Maddy for insight into her style evolution, how she stays photo ready, and her plans for an ideal Mother’s Day (spoiler alert: snuggling her little lady is on the agenda).

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Has your style changed since becoming a mom? How so?

I think I have created my own Å“mom style. For the most part, I stick with my tried and true outfita blouse, distressed denim and a pair of flats. I still love dressing up, but when I do, I go for clothes I can bend over in, like midi or maxi skirts and dresses.

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re on the go?
It depends, some days I prefer tennis shoes and leggings with a comfortable top, but I typically wear the Å“everyday outfit I just mentioned. I like casual looks when I’m on the go with Madelyn, meaning outfits that I won’t mess up while getting the stroller and car seat in and out!

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How about for when you’re staying home?

When Maddy and I are at home we are in total comfy clothes. PJs and sweats all the way!

What is your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day?

The perfect Mother’s Day would start out with breakfast in bed and snuggles (we are a snuggling family!), then shopping all alone and ending the day at the beach with my family!

The Kent Poncho and Citizens of Humanity Boyfriend Jeans

Tell us about your favorite Mother’s Day so far.

This year will be my first Mother’s Day! Last year on the morning of Mother’s Day, I went into labor!

How do you always look photo ready?

My trick is a hat; I am a total hat lady! As a mom, my hair never stays curled or pretty for longer than 10 minutes, and I tend to keep my makeup super natural, so a hat is great to pop on for photos!

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