A Mother’s Day In The Life: Sarah Schneider

April 23, 2015

The Vanora Maxi Dress

Mother’s Day is almost here: the day when mom gets to sleep as late as she pleases, enjoy a leisurely gourmet breakfast, read the Sunday paper cover to cover wait a minute, why are you laughing? Oh, we get iteven on her special day she’ll be in mom-mode, making sure every pancake is cut just so and every boo-boo is kissed. We recently asked a trio of our favorite mamas-on-the-go to give us a peek into a typical busy day and posed questions about their lives, their styles and their families. First up is Instagrammer, blogger and mother-of-three Sarah Schneider, who has a secret Mother’s Day back-up plan and offers some timely tips for taking great photos. Her best advice? Don’t shy away from the camera, momsget in the picture!

The Vanora Maxi Dress

Has your style changed since becoming a mom? How so?

Somewhat, yes. For the most part, I chase the kids around and run them to and from activities, so what I throw on needs to be easy but look pulled together. I enjoy going out for nice dinner dates with my husband every once in awhile, so I still get my dressing-up fix.

Is there something you swore you’d never wear as a mom that has gone out the window?
I swore I’d never wear activewear or sneakers around town, but gosh, it’s gotten so cute andlet’s face itit’s really convenient to go from the gym to errands or lunch or a play date.

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What’s your go-to outfit when you’re on the go?

Either activewear, jeans and a tee or a maxi dress or skirt. If we’re meeting a friend for a nice lunch, or on Mother’s Day, I love dresses and heels. Any opportunity to get dolled up is fun!

How about for when you’re staying home?

Comfy long dresses; I love the boho-chic look, and it seems as if there’s always someone stopping by, so I want to look nice. Oksometimes I don’t get out of jammies!

The Vanora Maxi Dress

What is your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day?

With or without kids? Ha! With them, breakfast in bed, sweet little handmade cards and gifts. I remember as a child how fun it was to wake up and make my mom a special breakfast. Who knows how it tasted, but she ate it like a sport, as will I! Without them? Not that it’s ever happened, but if they wanted to send me off to a spa for the day, I would not refuse.

Tell us about your favorite Mother’s Day so far.

Honestly, every Mother’s Day for the past seven years has been a celebration. I went through 17 rounds of infertility treatments over 3 1/3 years. I don’t take a single day with them for granted, and on Mother’s Day it’s that much more special. I am so grateful to be a mama; it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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Will you share your some of your best tips for always looking photo ready?

I want mamas to be aware that we are our own worst critics. We tend to be so hard on ourselves, especially in photos, and then we never take them. It never fails, I will look at a photo years down the road and end up thinking Gosh, I don’t look bad, and I sure am glad I have this! As far as tips, you know your best features, so play them up. Always stick your chin out a bit and tilt your head down a bit. Don’t stand straight on. Position your body a bit to either sidelook in a full-length mirror and find the position you feel most comfortable in.

How about for getting great photos of kids?

Engage them. Don’t just sit them in front of the camera and tell them to smile. In fact, I never tell them to smile or say cheese, instead, I wait for the moment. I want to remember them just as they aretheir sweet little faces, when they’re happy, sad, perplexed, deep in thought, in their element sometimes the outtakes end up being the best photos! Get a tripod, set your camera timer, and be in the photos, mamas! Or have someone else take them, but get out from behind the lens and into the pictures with your kiddos. You’ll never regret having too many photos, but you will regret not having enough!

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