5 Takes on Cake

April 29, 2015
Here at BHLDN, we’re never ones to turn down something sweet (especially if it’s paired with champagne); when it comes to wedding dessert, we’re the same way. But while we think traditional tiered cakes are tasty, we’ve been craving something a bit different lately, so we turned to a few Philly bakers for their unique takes on cake.

Guests are sure to ooh and ahh, over this one. From the outside, it’s a pretty buttercream confection, but slice it open, and a delicious surprise awaits! Our cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction is filled with sprinkle wafers, but mixed berries would be delicious tooor for the candy-lover, gummies or chocolate candies.


The perks of the donut? We’ve never tried one we didn’t like, there’s no slicing or cutlery required, and leftovers are perfect for guests to take home for breakfast (or a midnight snack). Offer them in multiple colors, like our friends at Philly’s famed
Federal Donuts do, for a super visual effect.


We love the approach Whipped Bakeshop took to this groom’s cake by highlighting something quirky about the groom (his go-to Friday night meal) rather than the expected (golfing, fishing). Another idea: a cake flavored with his favorite drink! Chocolate stout anyone?


You know when you’re eating a slice of cake andwhomp whomp,you end up with either all frosting or all cake? Not so with this sweet innovation from The Baker’s Jar: both components are layered several times for the perfect cake-to-frosting ratio.


Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, paleothe list goes on and on. Take care of your guests with special dietary needs by bringing in a cake they can enjoy too (many cities have bakeries dedicated to allergen-free goods: ours is aptly named Sweet Freedom!). Mark it with a plant for easy identification!

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