Behind the Scenes: From the Kingdom to the Cape Town Coast

April 30, 2015

Our May Lookbook journey began at the Kingdom of the White Lion, an animal sanctuary outside Johannesburg, where we gazed up in awe at giraffes and tried not act too nervous around the leopards. From there, we wandered the vineyards of the Cape Dutch farm Babylonstoren, snacking away on fresh-baked bread and chardonnay grapes. And finally, we caught some waves on the beaches of Cape Town and watched the sun sink into the ocean. The three locales were so beautiful that our colleagues haven’t stopped gushing about them since they returnedin fact, some are already researching flights back. Listen in as they share their once-in-a-lifetime memories of this majestic land.

Å“Babylonstoren was only established about five years ago, but everything already looked overgrown like it’d been there for centuries. The paths were winding and we kept stumbling on the most unexpected of places.
Chris H., Director of Creative Operations

Å“The leopard and his trainer grew up on the reserve together, and when the leopard was tiny, the two would share a bed at night! You could see how close the two wereI saw him pick up the giant cat and hold him in his arms like a baby.
Daniela M., Senior Producer

Å“Even though the air temperature was in the high 90s, the water was freezing on the Atlantic coastanyone going in the water for more than three minutes needed a wetsuit.
Daniela M.

The ostriches were social and sassy. They followed us around and got so close that it was a little unnerving at times. They’re much taller in person than you’d think they’d be, and very prehistoric-looking up close.
Kristin J., Styling Manager

Å“As we were driving through the reserve for the first time, we stopped to let a giraffe family cross the street. As soon as I saw those massive, majestic animals, I was overwhelmed by the sense that there’s something bigger out there that goes beyond us.
Chris H.

Å“Surfing is a huge part of the culture in Cape Town. As we were shooting the beach party scene, we noticed a few dolphins frolicking out on the water. A bunch of the local production assistants grabbed our prop surf boards and paddled out to swim with them.
Kristin J.

Å“We all fell in love with South Africa. There’s a beauty there that you just don’t see anywhere else in the world. The people are lovely inside and outthey’re all gorgeous and incredibly nice. I think it goes back to the fact that they live in this place surrounded by natural beauty. It’s happy-making!
Chris H.

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