Off the Grid: Creating a 3-D Gallery Wall

May 11, 2015

We all have itthat one peskily bare wall that eludes inspiration. And if you’re anything like us, filling an entire space with framed artwork can feel downright intimidating. Here’s the thing, though: gallery walls need not be fancyor flat. In fact, common household items like planters and letter openers instantly add depth and personality to your composition. Still unsure where to start? Our home photo stylist Katie is here to give you tips on creating a dynamic, dimensional arrangement, whether you’re a gallery wall newbie or just need a quick update to your personal exhibition space.

Try building your gallery wall around a piece of furniture. Start with a sofa or console and work up from therethis helps define the amount of space you have to fill. Mix hanging and leaning art to create more depth and flexibility.Use items with varying sizes and depthsthink mirrors, hooks, planters and unframed art. This creates more overall interest, causing the eye to move over the whole piece evenly, instead of focusing on just one part.

To give your wall even more oomph, consider adding textural frames, like hammered brass or carved wood.If it has a use, use it! By filling your letter holder with love notes or your planter with succulents, you’re giving your art a natural, lived-in look.

Be sure to lay out all your options out on the ground before hanging. Not only will it help you get an idea of what everything looks like together, but it will also weed out the items that just aren’t working in the space.

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