The Art of Napping

May 15, 2015

A telltale sign of adulthood? The constant pursuit of the right amount of sleep. When a good night’s worth isn’t possible (and even when it is), there’s nothing more enjoyable than reclaiming that childhood pastime, the nap. Catching a dreamy doze, however, requires the just-right blend of inspiration and preparation. But not to worry, we’ve rolled up our pajama sleeves and put our sleepyheads together to perfect the formula, which we share with you today.

The Outdoor Snooze

Duration: 20-60 mins
Position: Hammock loll
Benefits: Beautification, memory boost, sense that all is right with the world
Equipment: Hammock, pillows, summery drink, soft music, sun protection, light-heartedness

Nap Needs
The Deep Sleep

Duration: 60-90 mins
Position: Bed sprawl
Benefits: Creativity boost, relaxation, reanimation
Equipment: Bed, comfy bedding, cuppa, hydrating sleep mask, aromatherapy candle, PJs, determination

Nap Needs
The Catnap

Duration: 10-30 min intervals
Position: Couch curl-up
Benefits: Alertness, improved motor skills, stamina boost
Equipment: Couch, throw, easy loungewear, good read, absolute freedom

Nap Needs

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