She Said It Best: Home Styling Tips

May 19, 2015

Talk about a problem that’s good to have: we work with so many creative minds who have both impeccable style and willingness to share their advice, that when it came time print their gems of decorating wisdom in our Summer House and Home Journal, precious few made it to press. Luckily, there’s loads of room for all of the extra bits right here. From the genius of backyard string lights to welcoming guest-room must-haves, read how our home office staffers make their houses feel like homes.

Å“We have café lights that crisscross our yard. They make everyone and everything look great, without the fear of candles burning down your house!
Halligan, Art Director

Å“Buy a few big baskets of mixed flowers and replant them in an easy-to-carry pot. You can move it around on a whim and add a Ëwow’ moment to your patio, front step or herb garden.
Carolyn, Creative Director

Å“Betsy Bloomingdale said it best: ËThe most important thing is the mix. It isn’t what you put on the tables; it’s who you put in the chairs.’
Ann, Divisional Merchandise Manager

Å“I love assigning seats with little name cardsthis eliminates any awkward moments for my guests, and allows me to strategically place the social butterflies.
Christina, Director of Customer Styling

Å“I love a comfortable, but elegant, couchI prefer a neutral color so I can change out the pillows and curtains from time to time.
Becky, Art Director

Å“Every living room needs great end tables. Finding these is like striking gold.
Bernice, Design Director

Å“Hidden TVs are a must. My living room is the heart of my house, and I don’t want it to be centered around the television.

Å“In summer, I bring the outdoors in with plants and bowls of fresh fruit. I also keep seashells, driftwood and other beachcombing treasures on view.

Å“When it comes to bedding, mine will forever be solid whitethe calmest, most serene color there is.

Å“I have big, thick robes in each our spare bedrooms so my guests can wrap up in the morning, grab a cup a coffee and sit on the dock.

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