Meet the Maker: George Venson of Voutsa

May 20, 2015

All it takes is one look at the new Voutsa collection of upholstery, dinnerware and wall art to see: it’s undeniably full of life. With its high-intensity colors and motifs of whimsical creatures, it’s no surprise that Å“The walls are alive is the wallpaper company’s official motto. Naturally, we couldn’t resist putting George Venson, the founder and designer, on the spot a bit to find out if his personality was as vibrant as the products themselveswe were not disappointed! Read along as he dishes on everything from self-expression to avocados to summer entertaining.

Finish the following: when I hear the word Å“monochrome”¦

I think of all the ways one can stretch and sculpt the meaning of the wordneon jumpsuits, chain mail armor, Boy Scouts, those ˜70s images of wallpaper-curtain-sofa combos. And I think of the future!

How did you get your start?

I was born and raised in Texas, then moved to New York after college to pursue a new life as an artist. I wound up working for a lot of different creative people and art world establishments, which eventually led me to making some wallpaper by hand. I sold a bit, then sold some more, and one day I just said, Å“I think I’m going to start my own wallpaper company!

When did you know this was your calling?

I like to let things happen as they must. I was very intrigued by the possibility of developing a self-sustaining business model, which enabled collaborations and commercial expansion, but also allowed for some form of creative self-expression. It felt more interesting to me, and more like a living art project.

If you could get your hands on any material in the world to work with, what would it be?

I’ve always dreamed of having an unlimited supply of Majorelle blue from Marrakech. I’ve been to Jardin Majorelle a few times and it just doesn’t get old, period. The powder used to create that blue paint is only really for sale there.

What’s the secret to a successful dinner party? Any mood killers?

I am believer in an abundance of bars. One should never have to wait! Asking guests to bring things is a mood killer. If you are going to throw a party, take care of everything.

What’s your can’t-resist in-season summer fruit? What do you love about it?

The everlasting avocado. It’s great on toast, and peeling it has this nice laborious component with the end result being a mushy heaven.

Do you have a green thumb?

I love to garden. My dream house has a maze of potted treesJapanese maples, cacti, lots and lots of ivy and flowers! I used to have a blooming rose bush. It was the most magical thing I have ever seen.

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