Outdoor by Day & Night

May 29, 2015

We have a confession to make: we are outdoors obsessed. The second the weather warms up, we grab our nearest and dearest, park ourselves on our lawns, decks and porches, and make merry. Oh, that glorious fresh air! That sweet summer breeze! We simply cannot get enough.

You feel exactly the same way, you say? Perfect. Gather Ëround, grab an adult beverage, and peruse our tips for making the most of your outdoor space from sunup Ëtil sundown.


01: In the quiet cool of the morning, take a few moments to string up your twinkle lights and strategically place votivesonce the sun’s rays kick into high gear you might prefer to stay supine.

02: Be sure to give your plants plenty of refreshment during high noon so that they look lush and vibrant when your guests arrive.

03:Get your chopping, prepping and mixer-making done ahead of timewhen the clock officially strikes party time, all you’ll need to do is pour and sip.


01: Bring all your libations, glasses and finger foods outdoors to prevent any unnecessary trips inside (i.e., away from the festivities).

02: Cozy is the name of the game once the sun starts to sinkplace groupings of pillows around your space to encourage comfortable conversation.

03: There’s nothing sweeter than the evening breeze that comes after a long, hot day. Curl up under a lightweight throw with a beau or best pal and share stories long into the night.

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