Beyond the Shoot: Patricia Larsen

June 2, 2015

Our June Lookbook is a story of romance, art and untamed desert wilderness. At the crux of this tale is the home of Patricia Larsen, an artist who lives and works in Todos Santos, Mexico. Her custom-designed abode provided the backdrop for our photo shoot, not to mention endless inspiration. We were so enamored of the painter and her space that we set out to learn more about her off-the-grid life on the southern tip of Baja.

What do you like about working in Todos Santos?

Drop me anywhere and I like working. Todos Santos allows me a lifestyle where I can paint outside in my bare feet 12 months of the year with endless visual resources.

How do your surroundings influence your painting?

The paintings I’m doing now are informed by the desert landscape and huge, open sky. The rawness of the environment provides the subtle colors and crunchy textures.

What’s a normal day like for you?

I don’t make a lot of plans. I just kind of wander through the day, sometimes painting or making sculptures, sometimes exploring beaches, deserts or small mountain towns. Navigating the challenges of living out in the country, off grid, also takes up many moments of the dayhow to keep things running smoothly, like electricity and running water.

What is your favorite spot in your home and why?

Evening on my back deck when the light changes and the shadows appear, and the mountains turn purple. This is also where I often paint during the day.

What changes do you make to your home come summer?

All the wooly linens are packed away and replaced by layers of white. Because the Baja tends to get extremely hot in the summer, I like to sleep outside under a mosquito net, and meals are often eaten on the sun-porch.

You’ve lived in many beautiful placeswhich did you like the best?

I love Mexico because of the people, the culture, the mystery and the feeling of the wild-wild westthere is so much left to be discovered. It’s amazing to be here. It’s evocative and provocative, and the energy of the creative people is on firewildfire.

Does your pup Enso have a favorite spot in the house?

Well, Enso takes after me, so he is very seasonally inclinedin the winter he likes to sleep by the fireplace curled by my feet, and in the summer he sleeps in the shade of the pistachio trees.

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