Farm-Fresh Friday: Blueberry Hibiscus Mojito

June 12, 2015

Is there anything more heavenly than finding oneself smack-dab in the middle of row after row of fresh and juicy produce, ready for the picking? We think not, which is why we’re keeping this recipe handy on our next farmers’ market jaunt: a weekend-ready fizz packed with antioxidants to keep us fresh-faced as we sip our way through summer. We’ll pick a pint of blueberries, discover the perfect pomegranate, liberate some limes and be well on our way to a fruity mojito worthy of the season’s blue skies and carefree mien. The final touch? Tropical hibiscus flowers and muddled mint, which elevate the sweet-tart flavors to something just shy of paradise.

WHAT YOU’LL NEEDfor two cocktails

For the hibiscus simple syrup:

Cane sugar

Handful dried hibiscus flowers

For the cocktail:

12 oz fresh blueberries, reserve handful for garnish

1 pomegranate

Handful fresh mint

2 limes

1 teaspoon fine sugar

3 oz light rum

Club soda

Add dried hibiscus flowers to a tea infuser. Place infuser in a pot with equal parts cane sugar and water. Heat until sugar is fully dissolved and syrup is vibrant in color. Let cool.Juice blueberries with a handful of pomegranate seeds in a juicer, or blend in a food processor. Use the juice immediately, as blueberries have a tendency to thicken very quickly. If juice becomes too thick, strain through cheesecloth to thin.In a shaker, add a handful of fresh mint leaves, juice of one lime and fine sugar and muddle very well. Add ½ cup blueberry juice, ¼ cup hibiscus simple syrup and rum into shaker with the muddled mint and lime. Shake until outside is frosty. Pour over ice until glass is ¾ full, top with club soda.Garnish with a fresh mint sprig (smack together between hands before garnishing to release the natural oils), fresh blueberries, pomegranate seeds and a slice of lime.

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Styling by Jenn Friberg.

Photography by Michael Persico.

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