Tablescape Style: Fresh, Bright & Savory

July 7, 2015

Picture it: You’re at the market stocking up for tonight’s spur-of-the-moment shindig when, inching forward in the checkout, you realize you’ve given zero thought to décor. But don’t despairin fact, don’t even get out of line. We’ve come up with a few simple tablescapes that you can put together with little more than the current contents of your grocery cart. Because as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of inventionor in this case, decoration.

Fresh & Floral
In your cart: a bunch of market flowers, a bag of oranges
Add: a little vase, string lights, simple plates that let your entrée shine
Instant atmosphere: romantic, cozy, sweet

Savory Snacks
In your cart: the makings of a first-rate charcuterie spread
Add: a cheese board, tasting forks, bowls, a basket for fresh baguette slices
Instant atmosphere: rustic, inviting, laidback

Green Goodies
In your cart: bundles of herbs
Add: the succulents from your windowsill, a textural runner, wood-handled utensils, a big pitcher for lemon water
Instant atmosphere: serene, natural, dreamy

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