Summer Refresh: Inspired Outdoor Outfitting

July 13, 2015

It’s been a while since we believed that there was a monster in the closet. And yet every year, right around this time, we can’t help but think there’s something amiss among the hangers. Maxis start to blend together, tanks all look the same. That perfect sundress we had to have loses its luster, while those trusty tees are too tempting to resist. But resist you mustit’s too early in the season to surrender to the summer slump! We know it’s not easy, so we called in the stylists to outfit our upcoming adventures. Now take a hike, flip-flops!

Clambakes at the Beach Listen, beach bumsit doesn’t have to be that way. Swap the shorts for a just-as-easy drawstring skirt and retire the flip-flops for shimmered sandals.

Flea Market Marathons Nothing says Hello, summer! like a crisp poplin dress. Add a sun hat and hands-free purse, and you’re ready for an out-and-about afternoon of treasure hunting.

Afternoons in the Park When the afternoon calls for casual, a belted cardi and embellished sneaks add instant polish to trusty denim.

Outdoor Concerts Unbutton that shirtdress, change up the sash, and what do you have? A great new vest. Keep the look polished with white denim, then slip on a scarf for a little flair.

More of summer’s newest arrivals, right this way.

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