Open Book: Summer Reading with Eden Passante

September 9, 2015

Next up on our blogger bookshelf tour: Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm. When we’re fancying a sweet treat, looking for a décor project or on the hunt for entertaining ideas, her prolific lifestyle blog is one of the first places we peruse. Seeing as the California native is a fount of knowledge when it comes to all things house and home, we couldn’t wait to chat with her about how she incorporates one of the all-time best design elements—books, of course!—into her space. Read on to find out why she packs away all but a few of her favorite reads, which paperback she consults daily and what’s in her beach bag.

Is there a book you always turn to for good advice or inspiration?
Yes! Actually several books. But being the mom of a toddler boy, the book I turn to the most for sound advice is It’s a Boy! I should probably wear it like a purse throughout the day!

Do you read before bed?
If I read before bed, it’s purely for enjoyment and relaxation. It’s especially nice to read pages in a book after staring at a screen all day.

What kind of books do you throw in your beach bag?
Quick reads! I like books that I can learn from or I might toss in a novel I’m trying to finish. Right now I’m reading the ever-so-popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I think it’s a great beach read.

From a décor standpoint, how do you choose books to bring home?
I’m a décor minimalist, so I actually keep a lot of books stored away. The ones that stay out are clean, simple and fun to look at. I love Remodelista and Eat, Drink, Napfor coffee table books. My kitchen is the only place I allow a stack of books to be displayed. I love the look of cookbooks in a kitchen, and I keep out the ones I use most.

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