Weekend Win: Girls Game Night

August 7, 2015

We never, ever turn down an invitation to game night. Perfect for kicking back and catching up, these time-honored gatherings seem to only get better as the years go on. The best part? They’re an absolute cinch to host, as we discovered while shooting ourAugust Lookbook. The next time you gather the girls (and the kids!), break out the boards, count the cards and follow these three tips for a can’t-lose night of friendly competition.

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Game night is, by definition, a casual affair with an anything-goes dress code. That said, make sure your ensemble is up for evening’s festivities. Our pick? The ever-versatile jumpsuit, which we’re pleased to report can withstand the most vigorous of high-fives.


When it comes to the games, think outside the box — literally! With a little spray paint, you’d be surprised how playful your lawn can be.


Everyone’s a winner at game night, which is why everyone should leave with a prize. When the clock runs out, send your guests home with a small token of a night well spent.


More entertaining tips, right this way.


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